Body Fantasies

Body Fantasies Iced Cupcake Fantasy Body Spray - 236ml

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Body Fantasies Iced Cupcake Fantasy Body Spray - 236ml:

This Body Spray is made from a fruity combination of raspberries apples and peaches These provide a refreshing aroma which is neither too light nor too overpowering With this fresh scent even the sunniest of days will not be able to bring down your energy and enthusiasm

  • Features a refreshing & long lasting fragrance
  • full of delicious fruity scents combined with floral tones
  • An irresistible and attractive mysterious accents makes this perfume a must have.
  • makes you feel refreshed and energized.
  • extremely light scent, you can spray it freely on your body and clothes.
  • The product is suitable for everyday use.