Derma Roller System

skin roller derma roller system 0.50 mm

SAR 26.00 SAR 30.00
*VAT included.

skin roller derma roller system 0.50 mm :

The derma tool ensures that you treat skin spots and fight wrinkles by piercing the skin with sterile small pins. It works to repair the skin and skin to get a renewed and healthy skin.

  • Gives you a tighter looking complexion.
  • Treats scars and stretch marks.
  • It stimulates collagen.
  • Helps reduce pores.
  • Reduce wrinkles.

How to use :

First: choose the appropriate size and then sterilize it with alcohol.

Second: Apply a creamy lotion suitable for your skin and cool using the tool on the skin back and forth for 4 to 5 minutes.

Use it in four different directions.