Glow Boost Fresh-Mix Sheet Mask With Vitamin C - 33g

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Glow Boost Fresh-Mix Sheet Mask With Vitamin C - 33g:

Discover the 1st Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask by Garnier, thanks to a break-through mixing technology. A hydrating shot with vitamin C and a separate dry tissue mask. Mix your mask when you want to use it! Fresh and ultra-efficient, the tissue is instantly activated when impregnated by the formula delivering our most intense mask care. Once mixed, it transforms into a jellified tissue with a bouncy cushion texture.

  • Leaves the skin looking more brighter and skin complexion looking more even
  • After 1 week (3 applications), skin tone appears more radiant
  • After 4 weeks (12 applications), skin looks rested and complexion appears fresher
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Key ingredient 1 is algae extract
  • Complexion looks even, fresh