KSD Soft Sponge - 1 Pieces

SAR 19.78 SAR 25.00
*VAT included.

KSD Soft Sponge - 1 Pieces:

A make-up sponge, soft to the touch and flexible, for complete and flawless coverage, and an even distribution of makeup. For use wet or dry, with powder or cream and liquid products. For a perfect natural look, flawless.

  • Anti-bacterial sponge, elastic and soft to help you apply your makeup.
  • It can be used dry and wet for liquid, creams, and powder products.
  • Leaves your makeup perfectly blended and smooth.
  • A small sponge to enhance you base and give a finishing look
  • Helps you in giving a perfect touch to your make up
  • Durability is 1-3 months