Real Techniques

Real Technique Miracle Finish Sponge

SAR 29.44 SAR 44.35
*VAT included.

Real Technique Miracle Finish Sponge:

Miracle Finish sponge with a distinctive design that helps you apply blush or lightening cream. You can use it wet or dry to get a flawless look. You can add blush with a natural pink sheen, Dampen the sponge and apply blush in stippling or continuous strokes to create a rosy glow.

  • Use it also to contour the face or hide imperfections
  • Perfect for a natural-looking, airbrushed application of blush.
  • Gives you a smooth finish to your makeup.
  • Suitable for cream, pressed powder, and liquid blush.
  • Rounded Side for Blending 
  • Flat Edge for Contouring 
  • Pointed Tip for Concealing